Friday, July 19, 2013

Driver Distress

My original plan was to start this blog with quite a few more tracks on my YouTube channel. You know, just to make me feel a bit more like a real musician. Alas, as it happens there are currently only two, and that's because I'm a bit like Blizzard with their games: if it isn't perfect, I'll ditch it, no matter how much time I've already spent on it. Therefore, as you can imagine I'm a bit slow to produce content.

I did have a couple of pieces (okay, ONE) almost ready to upload, minus vocals... Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and reinstalled Windows because I couldn't get my mic to work properly. (For those who are interested/share the problem, there was a weird crackling noise that made recording impossible.) Talk about shooting a mosquito with a shotgun.

Of course, it didn't help. At all.

So I ended up losing all my programs, some particularly cute videos of my golden retriever growing up (by accident *sob*), and a lot of time, for a problem that could have been solved by installing ASIO4ALL to replace the standard sound card driver. Yay! Fortunately, everything pretty much works now, but I have yet to record the vocals for my newest tracks. I also want to create art for the videos, but we'll see whether that turns out too ambitious or not.

Of course, I will still update the blog while working on new content. And my next post will be about this.

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