Sunday, June 18, 2017

When Procrastination Ends

It's always the same story. I start a project, get really excited about it and work on it nonstop. Then I lose steam (usually because I run into a problem I can't solve in that instant), forget about it until one day I rediscover it and, miraculously, solve the problem in a heartbeat.

So... that's essentially what happened to this one. Believe it or not, I legit started out with a riff from vanilla World of Warcraft's "Volcanic" theme (plays in the Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge and Blackrock Mountain), and... well, obviously it went somewhere very different! To be honest, it's the bit with the guitars at about the 1:31 mark that I really like in this one. I've been trying my very best to get better sound quality in my compositions, and I think that compared to my earlier work, the newer stuff definitely sounds better and more defined.

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